Sounds of Beirut part 1 – Call to Prayer

I’ve been wanting to do a series of posts for a while now on different sounds of Beirut… actually since about a month after we arrived here!  We’ve never had an internet connection fast and consistent enough to actually post videos, so it never happened.  But we recently switched from wireless to a cable connection and for now at least, we have a pretty good connection.  So, I can finally post these videos… most of which I took more than six months ago, haha!

First one up, the call to prayer.  This particular one is coming from a mosque on the Corniche, a popular walking/hanging out place along the sea about 10 minutes from our apartment.  There is another mosque closer to us that we can hear five times a day from our house.  The muezzin (the guy who is singing the call to prayer) at that mosque has a really pleasant voice and it’s quite nice to listen to.

Enjoy the video!

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