Healthcare in Lebanon

Since becoming pregnant, I’ve had lots of people ask about (and express concern about!) what the doctor/hospital situation is like here.  Thought I’d share a bit of my experience this week, because it was such a surprise to me!  Now I have no idea if this story is just the way my doctor/hospital runs, or if it is more representative of the healthcare system in general, but I thought you’d find it interesting nonetheless.

At the end of last week, I found myself in a lot of pain.  Nothing wrong with the baby, no worries, but (I now know) I had developed a pretty icky bacterial infection that was making it really painful to do pretty much anything.  Finally on Monday morning I decided just to pop in to my doctor’s office to try to get an appointment to see her.  The office is on the third floor of the hospital around the corner from our apartment, but when I stopped in, the receptionist told me that my doctor wasn’t in the office today, she was working upstairs in the intertility clinic.  She told me where it was and told me I could go look for her there.

I felt totally weird hunting down my doctor in the hospital, but was in enough pain that I did it anyways.  So I got to the infertility clinic and finally tracked down a nurse and asked if there was any way I could see my doctor.  She thought she might be in Labor & Delivery, and offered to take me there to find her.  I was really feeling weird about it at this point, because I knew that even though I was hurting, it wasn’t an emergency or anything, and I knew the baby wasn’t in any kind of danger.  But she had me take a seat and said she’d be right out to take me to find my doctor.

Right then, my doctor passed by.  She looked surprised to see me but immediately asked if everything was okay.  All I said was that I was actually hoping to see her and she immediately found an empty room, asked what was wrong, checked me out and wrote me a couple prescriptions.  She made sure I had her personal cell phone number just in case I had any questions about the antibiotics she prescribed (or anything else for that matter), reassured me that she knew it was painful but that it was simply a matter of treating the infection, and sent me on my way….. without paying a dime, I might add!

Again, I don’t know if this is just the way my hospital runs things, or if me being pregnant made them much more accommodating, but I was definitely impressed…. and very thankful!!  (And feeling much better, by the way! :))

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4 thoughts on “Healthcare in Lebanon

  1. Very cool! Now that’s care and service. I was half expecting you to say you’d helped deliver a baby. Glad to know you’re feeling better.

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