Let the House Hunt begin!

Well, the girls are home for the next month, so we are taking this time to ramp back up with Arabic class and begin the hunt for a new apartment.  We like our apartment a lot… it’s in a great location, great price, very nicely furnished… it’s just a bit small.  So we are on the hunt for a slightly bigger place.  We are hoping to stay in the same neighborhood and relatively same price range.

There are basically two ways to find a place to live here.  First is if you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who is moving or whose neighbor is moving.  So we put the word out to everyone we know that we are looking for a place.

The second way is by walking around and asking at every building – either the concierge, or the man who works in the shop on the ground floor, or a random person entering or exiting the building – if there is an apartment available for rent.  Caleb went out today and started asking around, but didn’t have much luck… yet, at least! :)

We would definitely appreciate your prayers… that we’d find a place within our price range in this neighborhood… so that we can stay within walking distance of the church/language school/girls/etc.  The sooner the better for us.  Because this month is relatively open, it would be great to be able to spend the next few weeks moving in, getting the furniture we need and getting settled before the girls get back and things get crazy with the baby’s debut getting closer.  :)  (Plus, I’m just aching to start buying stuff for the baby and can’t really do that til we get a new place!!!! :))

Thanks!  We’ll keep you posted!

posted by: nicolette


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