It goes both ways

Caleb and I have both had our fair share of language oops (what’s the plural of oops – oopses?)… I think we’ve blogged about some of them here.  But we aren’t the only ones that are constantly “bringing cheer” to others with our choice of words… it works both ways, and we often get a good laugh at the English we hear thrown around here.

The girls were all so so so excited about meeting baby Isla.  They love her so much and are going to make great big sisters to her.  When they first met her, we heard all the typical Arabic expressions you hear in Lebanon – “ooh, she’s so delicious,”  “oh, my little life,” “I could just eat her up,” “In God’s name, she is beautiful.”

But then we heard one in English that we hadn’t heard before…

“I don’t know, I just feel like she is a little game!”

A game?

Then we realized, the word l3abe in Arabic is the same word used for both game and baby doll.  But the girls didn’t know the English word “doll,” so in their translation, Isla was a game.  I think it’s because she is so bald and white (that’s the topic of a whole ‘nother blog – “Is it healthy that she is so white??”)… she doesn’t look like most babies here, she looks more like the baby dolls the kids play with.

We didn’t correct them, it’s just too cute, and gives us a good giggle every time they call her a “little game.”  (“Will she still look like a game when she gets bigger?”)

So, here’s a picture of our little game playing with Daddy this past week:

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2 thoughts on “It goes both ways

  1. She does look like a little doll! I love the wrinkled look! I dreamt about the girls last night. We were bringing Malak home to live with us!

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