A Lebanese treat?

Caleb’s cousin sent us a letter asking us to help with a school project by sending her 25 interesting things about Lebanon.  So I took the letter over and asked some of the older (1st and 2nd grade) girls to help me out.  I knew they’d have a hard time coming up with things unique to Lebanon, since it is all they know, so I tried to offer ideas to get their minds working.  So, we drew a picture of the Lebanese flag, put in some Lebanese money and then decided to draw pictures of some different kinds of Lebanese foods that they don’t have in America and describe what they are like.

“Shish barak!”  (A meat dish with a white sauce)

“Molokhiah!” (A green vegetable with chicken and rice (see pic))

“Popcorn!!!” (100% Lebanese! :))

posted by: nicolette


2 thoughts on “A Lebanese treat?

  1. I can attest to the fact that this molokhiah was very delicious! I quite enjoyed the delicious meals that were served in the Hutcherson house in Beirut Lebanon!

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