Christmas Week

Last year, I did a series of posts on our first Christmas in Beirut… if you’d like you can check them by finding December 2008 on the pull-down menu on the right (though I have to warn you, I just discovered that all of the links to the pictures are broken – thanks, Facebook! – so, that’s another project on the to-do list that may take a few days to fix!)

It’s interesting, as I was thinking of those posts, what a different place we are at this Christmas.  Last year, we were still very new to Lebanon.  We had only been here a couple of months and were definitely in the “everything’s an adventure” phase of adjusting to a new culture.  We knew only enough Arabic to get laughed at, were still trying to figure out how to not be over-charged by a taxi driver, and hadn’t yet run into much culture shock.  Everything was new and fun and exciting – even the frustrations, oddly enough.  This year we are a bit more seasoned.  Though we are still so happy to be here, and so excited about the work God has us involved in, our second holiday season in Beirut brings with it more of the “everyday life busy-ness,” and a bit more homesickness than we had last year.  I think having a new baby in the house also bring life to a much more mundane level for a bit – eat, poop, smile a bit, sleep – it doesn’t get much more basic than that!

Having a new baby in the house has also brought a whole new perspective on the true meaning of Christmas.  We always talk about how incredible it is that God chose to become a human, and it is….. but have you ever really really thought about what that looks like?  That the God who created the stars, and the sea, and you and me, chose to become a BABY – totally dependent on his mother for his very life.  He couldn’t communicate – all He could do was cry when He was hungry, when He was wet, when He was tired.  If He was anything like Isla, He couldn’t even fall asleep on His own.  This is the God of the universe we are talking about.

It truly is a special season, and we do want to share a bit of our Christmas week with you.  From the mundane to the wonderful.  Can’t promise 12 days of Christmas like last year, but I’ll see what I can do….

I feel like this post might feel depressing – but it’s not meant to be.  To prove it, here’s a fun picture I like to call “Whoa!  A shadow!”

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