I just love working with kids.  They are an endless fountain of amusement and laughter and amazement.  This past week, one of the girls I tutor earned a sticker.  So, I gave her a stack and let her choose one.  She narrowed it down to two that she really like and decided to “eeny meeny miney mo” to decide which one she would pick.

“Eeny meeny miney mo, catch a tiger by the toe……. and you are it!”

When she saw the sticker that she landed on, her face wrinkled up and she stuck out her tongue.  Guess we knew which sticker she really wanted, huh?  (That happens to me a lot – I think I can’t make a decision so I flip a coin or something, and when I’m unhappy with the result, I realize I knew all along what I wanted.  So, as an adult, I make the choice, going with the option that I discovered I wanted).

But what did she do?  “I’m gonna do it again.”  So, once again, she “eeny meeny miney mo’ed” until she landed on the other sticker, the one she really wanted!  Ahhh, kids!

posted by: nicolette


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