Happy Valentine’s Day!

About seven years ago, we started a Valentine’s Day tradition… although at the time we weren’t even dating and had no idea it would become a tradition!  We had a good friend in seminary from India, and one year we thought it would be fun to all go out for Indian food for Valentine’s.  The next year, none of us had anything going on, so we decided to have Indian again…. and then it became a tradition!  We continued it in Arizona (although we can’t remember what we did one of the years we were there!).  Last year we weren’t sure where to find Indian food in Beirut, so we made it at home.  Since then, we’ve discovered two different Indian restaurants here, so we decided to try one out today…. and the tradition continues!  The food was pretty authentic – and it’s definitely the best view we’ve ever had while eating Indian… right on the sea watching the sunbathers and spear fishers!

Valentine’s is celebrated here, but it is overshawdowed by the commemoration of the prime minister who was assassinated on this day five years ago.  Today there was a big rally downtown, so as we were walking home from lunch, we passed busloads and carloads and crowds of people walking along the sea, carrying or wearing Lebanese flags, as well as flags of different political parties they support.  Was wishing we had our camera…. but no luck, so instead, I’ll include a couple pictures from our past Valentine’s Days….

2005 – the second year of our tradition…

2006 – year three…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


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