Baby friendly Beirut, part 2

Baby friendly Beirut, part 2

Another difficult part of having a small baby in Beirut is feeding.  Nursing in public is not really done, but there are absolutely no places to hide out and feed the baby.  Most bathrooms are just a stall, definitely no lounge areas like in the States.  Even in the mall, there isn’t a single place where you can find enough privacy to feed a baby.  Which means that when I leave the house, I have to plan to be home within three hours.  (Although, I have been known to stop by the church and use an empty Sunday School classroom more than once! :))  I also have fed Isla in the Starbucks basement.  It’s generally full of googly-eyed college couples, who aren’t paying attention to anyone else…. and even if they were, I figure it would serve as a good warning: Be careful, or you might end up with one of these!

The few times we’ve rented a car has been heaven!  We can run errands, go to the mall, do whatever, and I can just pop into the car to feed Isla… it’s great!  But without the car, I’m pretty tied to being either at home, a friends house, or the church when it’s feeding time.  I think most Beirutis bottle feed their babies, so it isn’t as big of a deal to them, but for me, the lack of private space makes it difficult to have a small baby in the city.

BUT…. she will grow up speaking two languages, thinking 2,000 year old Phoenician ruins are a playground, and all sorts of other things that make being a third-culture kid so exciting….  So, I’m not complaining, just reflecting on how life is a bit different here! :)

(for part 1, click here!)

*June 2012 edit*  An updated perspective on Beirut with a baby here.


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