Scaring Isla is Funny!

I just love her laugh!


5 thoughts on “Scaring Isla is Funny!

  1. She’s cute! And grown up so big! Wow!

    Now we had a swing in one of those “over there” countries, and someone’s kid wanted to take our baby home, “because, mommy, they don’t want her – they keep putting her down in that machine!” Apparently, all well loved babies are constantly held over there. Then again, there are enough family members to constantly hold them, too.

  2. Oh she’s so adorable. I need to Skype you so I can see her LIVE. = ) Did you guys get my Skyp invite?

    • I’m not sure that we did… what is your username? (Maybe send it to us via email or facebook so it isn’t on the blog for the world to see :))

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