We’re baaack!

For my Mom’s 50th birthday, my whole family met up in Greece for a week.  We were really ready for a bit of a break from Beirut, and were also so excited to introduce Isla to my brothers and sister for the first time.  We spent some time in Athens, and then did a four-day cruise around the Aegean, stopping at five Greek islands and Kusadasi, Turkey, where we spent the morning in Ephesus.  It was such a great trip… not really relaxing :), but lots of fun sights, food, and family time.

A few pics from the trip…

Isla enjoying the sights

In the amphitheater where Paul preached at Ephesus… Isla is still the center of attention!

Us kids at the Parthenon (gotta love the scaffolding!)

Sunset in Santorini

So, now we are back in Beirut, trying to unspoil Isla and jumping back into the routine of life and ministry here.  The day we got back, Caleb gave a little talk on text criticism to the Shabibi and is preparing for camp next weekend.  I’ve been back with the girls and trying to get caught up on laundry and all those oh-so-fun “back-from-vacation” chores.


2 thoughts on “We’re baaack!

  1. Wow! What a great break! I could use a break too. Just a weekend in the States would be nice. We have a break next week for Semana Santa before Easter so that’ll be nice :)

    • Julie-Ann, it’s amazing how beneficial just a little break is for ministry and language and just coping with life overseas. A weekend in the States would be soooo nice, I agree, although for us, we’d spend more time traveling than actually visiting! :) Hope you enjoy your Easter break! :)

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