Avocado, please!

Although I really really really miss Target and Harris Teeter, there is something really nice about the neighborhood market.  We have two little shops right across the street from us that we visit often.  (Almost three – they are opening up a butcher shop soon – yay!)  We have the “dukan,” where we get water, juice, phone cards, and the occasional ice cream bar.  There is also a fruit and vegetable stand, where we can get anything that’s in season for a pretty good price.  It’s convenient, for sure, to realize you forgot to get onions at the store and only have to run across the street to get some, but it’s also really nice because it definitely has a small town neighborhood feel.

The other day I wanted some avocados, but the vegetable guy didn’t have any.  “They aren’t really in season and people aren’t buying them now,” he said, “but I have pineapple!”  I told him no, thanks, I wanted the avocado to feed the baby, and she can’t have pineapple yet, but no worries.  He apologized profusely and I went on my way.  The next day Caleb was down there picking something up, and the guy mentioned again how sorry he was that he didn’t have avocados for “the wife,” but to come back tomorrow and he’d get us some.  Caleb said just a few, one or two is all we need, and sure enough, the next day he had a whole case-full for us.  And only $2 for a kilo – not a bad price.

So, how’d the avocado go over with Isla?  You can be the judge of that!

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