So what does it mean?

Whenever people ask me what the baby’s name is and I tell them “Isla,” I get a very blank stare, often a face one would expect from someone who just ate a lemon.

The immediate follow-up question is, “what does it mean?”  Remember my post about picking out a baby name and how important meanings are?  Even though I knew it was important, we picked Isla because we really like it, not because it meant anything special.  So, for a while, I would say, “well, it doesn’t really mean anything” or “it means island” or “I don’t know,” but that was not a satisfying answer and I got lots more lemon faces.

A while back, Caleb was poking around online and found a random, very obscure website (that we probably couldn’t find again if we tried!) that had baby name meanings, and for Isla it had “dependent on God.”  Waaaaay better than “island.”

So, now the name exchange goes like this:

Random stranger on the street after kissing the baby: What’s his name?

Me: Her name is Isla.

Rsotsaktb: What?

Me: (enunciating very clearly) Eye – luh.

Rsotsaktb: (lemon face) What does it mean?

Me: Dependent on God.

Rsotsaktb: WOW!  What a beautiful name!  God keep her!

Me: Thank you.


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