Lost in Translation – copyright laws

This is a great band here in Beirut… they write, perform and record all their own praise music in Arabic.  I really like them.  They just came out with a new CD, and the copyright made me laugh a bit:

“All rights for the production of the recorded work reserved, and it won’t be all right with us if you copy, hire, or rent this CD because this is the only way we support our band.  Hope it is all right with you to kindly do so.”

posted by: nicolette


4 thoughts on “Lost in Translation – copyright laws

  1. I was wondering the origin of “Isla” as a name …..it is not Arabic …is it? …..or Finnish I guess.

    not sure …but I am an Arabic translator ….so these things usually attract me!

    • Nope, it isn’t Arabic. It’s Scottish, I believe. A lot of the names we liked just didn’t work very well in Arabic. But Isla (prounouced like Ayla) has a pretty Arabic flow to it. It’s similar to some common names here – like Aya and Alia – but just a little different enough to be unique. :)

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