Extended Rear Facing

I’ve mentioned on here before that there are no carseat laws here in Lebanon.  Which means there aren’t really strong rules on what kinds of carseats you can buy here.  So, I’ve been doing lots of research to try and figure out how to use our carseat (from Italy) in the safest way possible.

In the States, the law (is it a law or a recommendation?  Not sure.) is for carseats to stay facing back until the baby is 1 year old and 20 pounds.  But as I was researching carseat safety, I discovered that it is actually much much safer to keep babies facing backwards as long as possible.  There are several carseats out there that have a very high rear facing weight limit… 35-40 pounds… which is waaaaay longer than one year.

This isn’t something I had ever read about or heard of before, but it seems like such a simple thing we can do to protect our children, so I thought I’d share.

A true story video about the importance of extended rear facing….


2 thoughts on “Extended Rear Facing

  1. Good video, and good thinking. If you are wanting a European car seat that can hold a kid rearfacing longer, write me. I know someone who researched all those and can likely get you her research and her help in getting you one.

    • This is a sad yet good video, but what is the car is rear ended? I used to place Noelle in the center of the rear seat as well to provide her with extra side room.

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