Gooooo Brazil?!?

Beirut has definitely been hit by World Cup fever… and it hasn’t even started yet!   Over a month ago we started seeing little flags hanging from apartment windows and attached to cars.  Brazil, Germany, France, Spain….  Lebanon doesn’t have a team, so everyone chooses one to cheer for, and from what I hear, it gets pretty intense!  It’s kind of a bummer that the country doesn’t have a team to rally around – just one more thing to be divided on.

I’ve been meaning to take pictures of all the flags everywhere, but haven’t gotten around to that yet… but here’s the official video of the World Cup – actually, I think each world region has a different video, so here is ours:

This song also happens to be Isla’s most recent obsession.  We can be in a totally different part of the house, when she hears it come on she starts kicking and yelling and trying to find it! :)


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