The road to becoming mobile

The handful of times we have rented a car here, Caleb has just used his Arizona driver’s license.  The guys at the rental place never even blinked.  For a while he was using it to drive the church van, but a few months ago, for insurance reasons, the church asked him to get a Lebanese license to drive the van.  Having a license is also a pre-req for buying a car, an idea we’d been throwing around for a while now.

We weren’t really in any rush to get the licenses – especially not knowing what the drivers test would be like (in Arabic?  Driving in Beirut traffic?  Memorizing laws that no one actually follows?), but Faiz was eager to get some help carting the girls around in the van this summer, so he encouraged us (okay, Caleb) to get his Lebanese license.  It also just so happened that he knew a guy who “does” licenses….

So, we handed over some money and a copy of our AZ licenses and a few days later, voila, we are legal Lebanese drivers!

(Do you love how my picture is conveniently hidden?  It’s teeeerrrible!  In fact, when I was showing Amal my new and old licenses, she told me she thought I should go back to how I looked in my AZ picture – “you were much cuter then.”  Thanks, Amula!)


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