Yo quiero some cheap, authentic, yummy Mexican food!

A new Mexican restaurant just opened up around the corner of the church.  We’ve been watching it for the past month or so, drooling and waiting anxiously for the doors to open.  We finally had lunch there yesterday…

First bad sign: number one item on the appetizer menu = Buffalo wings

First good sign: chips brought to our table that were NOT Dorito’s

Caleb ordered enchiladas, and I had a burrito…

I liked it, although it was way too expensive for Mexican food.

Caleb…. well…. you have to remember that Caleb has been eating jalapenos and tamales since he was a baby :) and won’t even call Taco Bell Mexican food.

His review:

“For food – it was fine.”

“For the price – it wasn’t that great.”

“For Mexican food – well, it wasn’t actually Mexican.”

So, I guess we’ll keep waiting for real Mexican food to come to Beirut…..


2 thoughts on “Yo quiero some cheap, authentic, yummy Mexican food!

  1. Caleb likely knows what we know – the best place to get Mexican food is one of those trucks with a long line of day laborers lined up in front of it! Glad you found some decent Tex-mex food at least!

  2. Yes it’s true Caleb was exposed to Mexican food while still in the womb and even while nursing, I know TMI. All of this was needed to get him ready for all of the dash top Mexican food he consumed as a young boy(for those that don’t know dash top refers to food left on the dash of a truck in tin foil for 6 hours or so in 107 degree heat.) Now thats real Mexican food, Caleb Tony says hi.

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