To buy or not to buy?

In the almost two years we’ve lived here, we haven’t really needed a car.  We are close enough to walk almost everywhere, and we actually really enjoy getting where we need by foot.  If we want to go somewhere a bit too far too walk, taxis are abundant and cheap.  And the few times we had company in town or wanted to take a trip to the mountains or the beach, we’d rent a car for the weekend for a pretty reasonable price.

But with Isla, things are a little more complicated.  Can’t really take the carseat in the taxi – most people just carry their babies on their laps, which I am really uncomfortable with.  Even going out with friends started to require all sorts of planning – does the seat fit in your car?  Can you come pick us up at our place?  Several times I have just had to bow out of going along on fun trips because the carseat just doesn’t fit.  And boy would it be nice to get the week’s groceries in one trip instead of just what I can carry…

We kept going back and forth.  We don’t really need it for every day… so, is it worth it to buy one just for the convenience of it?  We finally decided, yeah, we would get one eventually, but no rush.

So we started talking about what we’d choose.  Something small, because Beirut city streets are jammed packed with cars, trucks, motorbikes and people.  Something the carseat will fit in.  And the more people we can fit in (the girls, the soccer team, visitors from out of town), the better.

Charlie knows a guy who runs a car lot, so Caleb went with him on Thursday to check it out.  They were having a “super offer” that was ending Friday, and it really was a good deal, so we bit the bullet and bought a car!

What kind, you ask?  You’ll see……


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