Losing our cool

Both Caleb and I have always had fun cars.

Not anymore.

We are now the (proud) owners of a Toyota Avanza!  Never heard of it?  Yeah, I think they are made in Indonesia or somewhere like that.  It is one of the ugliest cars I have ever seen.  Like a squashed minivan but uglier.

See?  I feel like a total grandma (no offense to all you wonderful grandmas out there! :))

BUT!  It’s small enough to weave in and out of Beirut traffic, yet has seatbelts for seven!  Isla’s carseat fits perfectly, and it was right in our budget!  So, who cares about the cool factor?  :)


4 thoughts on “Losing our cool

  1. Hey, this is a perfect project. Lets see 6 inch lift,35 inch BFG Mud Terrains,New Rhino bumpers, Safari roof rack,yeah and a chevy 350 v-8 to move all of it.Really this is a nice car.

    • Gus the Bus and Chiquita! Man I miss those rides! And you didn’t lose your cool. You just became parents. It comes with the territory. I bet you rock that thing though.

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