Taking a deep breath…

Caleb spent last week up the mountain at a “Muslim and Christian Youth” conference.  It was a helpful, but exhausting week for him (I’ll let him blog more details, since I attended a little less than half of one session! :)).

Next week we start the summer program with the girls.  For five weeks we’ll be busy telling stories, doing crafts, playing games, teaching Math, English & Arabic, and taking trips to the beach and the park.  At the same time, we’ll be mentoring some students doing their internships here in Beirut, and Caleb will continue with the World Cup project the Shabibi have put together… needless to say, it’s gonna be a busy summer!

So, before the craziness begins, we thought we’d take a breath of some salty, beach air.

We headed down south towards Saida to an amazing beach for the day.


Unlike many Beirut beaches, this one was clean, sandy, and quiet.  (In fact, when we first got there the hostess was bragging that they don’t play any music!)


We practically had the whole beach to ourselves (and notice the rake marks in the sand?)


Isla was a bit afraid of the ‘deep’ water at first – death grip on Caleb’s neck


But, once she got used to it, she had a ball!


Hooray for a restful day at the beach!

…and let the insanity begin!!!


2 thoughts on “Taking a deep breath…

  1. Really like the idea of you three relaxing. Classic Caleb relaxing while reading,glad you made time to get away. Hope Mona is running good.

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