What a difference a little money makes

Remember the beach we went to last week?

It’s a private beach, which means we had to pay to get in.

There’s actually a free, public beach just a 5 minute drive away.  We take the girls there each week during the summer.  We’d love to take them to a nice beach, but for ten girls and the adults we’d need to watch them, it turns into a $200 event.  So, free is good.

Free also means a big adventure.

Yesterday, we had a run-in with a massive jellyfish…

(This was actually the smaller one that we saw… and 1 out of 10 kids stung are not bad odds…)

… we discovered that all those people who told us there were hypodermic needles in the sand were actually not exaggerating…


…and most importantly, we finished the day with ten happy, tired, sun-kissed little girls!

(okay, nine happy little girls.  The one who was stung by the jellyfish was understandably unhappy!)

Let the summer begin!


2 thoughts on “What a difference a little money makes

  1. We lived once in a trailer park on the beach. (Ok, ok, yes, we were trailer trash!) My mom was the only mom home and sober, so she treated all the kids with jelly fish stings. Apparently, rubbing alcohol takes most of the sting away. She used to keep an industrial sized bottle on hand. Might want to add that to your beach kit!

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