Go Orange!

Before the World Cup started, I decided that I would cheer for the USA and then if (hey, I was hoping!) / when they were eliminated, I would cheer for Holland.  I promise, I’m not just a bandwagon fan!  Actually, I’m not really a soccer fan at all, but “who are you with?” is one of the first questions asked on the streets of Beirut these days, so I needed a good answer.  But because the country is full of bandwagon fans (“I cheer for Germany because they will win it all!” or “I am with Brazil because they always win!”), I feel the need to explain that I didn’t choose Holland because they are in the championship, but because I lived there.

Did you know that?  Yup, we were Dutchies for three years of our young lives… our very unphotogenic young lives…



I would have rathered (is that a word?) see USA in the final, but since they didn’t make it……

….. GO ORANGE!!!


6 thoughts on “Go Orange!

  1. I remember HEARING that you were in Holland for a while — but I had never seen this picture. And that makes ALL the difference. That’s just hilarious.

  2. Got to your site through Freshly Pressed and decided to look around.

    This picture is too cute!

    I rooted for Spain— funny because they colonized us for 300 years, so some would expect us to be bitter (I am from the Philippines) and my friends in Indonesia went for the Dutch. To each his own colonizer! =D

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