This could be addicting

The purpose of this blog is to give our family and friends back home a little peek into our life here in Beirut.  Every once in a while we’ll have a visitor to the blog, usually someone who has googled something like “Is Beirut a stroller friendly city?” or “what makes learning Arabic difficult.” We hovered around 30 views a day, and maybe a comment or two on each new post (most of them from our parents :)).

The other day, after I posted about one of our girls self-image troubles, I started noticing our hits for the day going up really quickly.  Then I started getting lots of comments from blog visitors.  It was weird.  Then I realized…. I’ve been “Freshly Pressed”!  Apparently, the editors of our blog hosting site (is that what it’s called?), choose a few blogs each day to feature… and ours was picked!

I can totally see how blogging for the general public could get addicting… I really enjoyed interacting with all the commenters and reading their blogs and articles they suggested.  It set my mind running… what other things could I blog about that random-people-from-internet-land would be interested in discussing??  I have a lot of ideas that I think would be really fun to write about…  BUT, two things against me.  1) I feel like I barely have time to keep the blog updated as it is, and 2) that’s really not the purpose of this blog.  As much fun as it could be to post something slightly controversial and have a hey-day in the comments, I’ll have to save that for another life (okay, I don’t believe in other lives, so I guess it’s never gonna happen :)).

So, to those few days of 3,000 hits and lots and lots of comments…. it was fun while it lasted!  :)


2 thoughts on “This could be addicting

  1. Funny. At least it was a good blog that day! Don’t worry, some of us are around. We read what you post, occasionally comment, and go on with our lives because, yeah, I shouldn’t be spending too much time on the internet either – got to get working! :)

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