War talk. Or, why I don’t read the news.

There is no question we live in an unstable place.  We knew it before we came here, and it was (for me) the biggest obstacle towards choosing to come to Lebanon.

The way I have chosen to cope with the instability and constant threat of war is to not read the news.  I don’t watch it on TV, I don’t read it online (at least any news pertaining to the region).  I don’t need to hear about this guy threatening him, or hand grenades here, or car bombs there.

Caleb is just the opposite.  He reads and researches everything.  Wants to know who said what to whom and how that affects relationships with them, and what everything thinks he will do next…  it helps him to understand and feel prepared.  For me, when the bombs start falling (which I’m not in denial about – I know they most likely will at some point), then I’ll start to worry.  But there’s so much talk and threatening in the news all. the. time., that it is just too much for me on a regular basis.

But, lately the talk has spilled from the pages of the newspaper into dinner-table conversation, sermons from the pulpit, and conversations with shopkeepers.  Everyone is talking and expecting there to be war soon (actually, they all say next month).  But we’ve heard many times that when everyone is talking about war, it never actually happens… here’s hoping and praying that that is indeed true… because the talk is non-stop these days!


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