And on the seventh day…

During the year, we don’t often have a chance to take a break together.  I’m busy during the week with the girls, but my weekends are pretty free, whereas most of Caleb’s ministry involvement is on the weekends.  The first two months of summer we were slammed with the Summer Program, so again, no time to get out of the city and rest.

But August is another story.  Though we are busy, it’s a different kind of busy… the kind of busy that we can put aside for a day and take a break.  So, we’ve been heading down south to my new favorite beach once a week.  I love love love the beach… the water, the sand, the guy who sets up your umbrella and brings you drinks….  :)

It’s been great to rest a bit from life and ministry and traffic and heat and busy-ness.

Isla thinks so, too!



2 thoughts on “And on the seventh day…

  1. I am very happy knowing you can take breaks to recharge the batteries. That is why Zonies have San Diego. Thanks for the pics and all you do for others. Dad

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