Internet friending

Kinda like internet dating, but not really.

Let me explain.  When I first got pregnant with Isla, I joined a birth club on  I didn’t have many friends here who were or had been pregnant in the last 20 years :), so it was a great source of support for me.  I could pop onto the message board with the most random questions about being pregnant (usually starting with, “is this normal?!?”), and within minutes, I would have dozens of answers assuring me that yes, it’s not unusual to throw up in the second trimester, or no, those probably aren’t real contractions.  It was a great help to me.

The site has boards for everything baby you can possibly imagine.  I got some good ideas about making baby food, lots of help choosing a carseat, and was convinced that extended rear-facing is an important thing to do.

Anyways, there is a board for moms in the Middle East that I also joined.  There are only 9 ladies in the group, but half of us are in Lebanon, so we decided to have a little play date.

It was great!  We met at a play place in a mall in Beirut.  Isla had a blast watching the kids play, going down the slide and sitting in the ball pit, and I enjoyed meeting another new-ish mom and having some adult conversation.   We don’t have many friends with small kids, and I’m finding that it’s a hard group to find and get to know, so this was a really neat opportunity for me… looking forward to many a play date in the future! :)


7 thoughts on “Internet friending

  1. That’s awesome! I joined the La Leche League in the Middle East yahoogroup a couple years ago. Since then several ladies have joined from Dubai and we get together every few months. I wonder if there’s anyone in the group from Beirut?

    • I’ll have to check it out… I’m guessing no, because when Isla was born I was desperately searching for any kind of nursing help… no La Leche League reps, no lactation consultants… even my doctor told me “we don’t do that kind of thing here.” (Help new moms breastfeed?!?) But, I would be curious to find out! Would love to help build a network of support for BF’ing here in Beirut…

      • Hi, I often read your blog, but this time I hit your post searching for La Leche League in Beirut – I wonder, did you ever come across any similar support groups or reps here? Funnily enough I have just been posting on the Middle East mommies board too!

        • Hey there! I’m also a reader of your blog… a big fan of your Streets of Beirut posts!

          I never did find any kind of group here. I did hear of a woman who offers support for feeding issues for babies and toddlers, including breastfeeding. I never used her but am happy to pass on her info if you’d like.

          I also joined the LLL yahoo group online, and it’s been really informative. :) There are several other ladies on there from Beirut, so I guess there is potential to start something up here, I just haven’t really put much effort into it, honestly. :)

          • Thanks for your reply – I’ll check out the yahoo group. So hard when your usual resources are non-existent! Finding maternity wear is a bit nightmare too! I sense new material for my posts. :)

            • Hahaha, yes, maternity clothes were really difficult to find. Vero Moda (Vera Modo? What is it actually called?) on Hamra has some, and the H&M in the downtown souks is another good place to look. I had my mom send most of mine from the States. Congrats on the baby-to-be! :)

              • Thanks! I managed to find a small one on a side road off Hamra at the level of ABC, too. I hadn’t expected such a dearth given all the international chains here. PJs just aren’t an option for five months….

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