Cash back and a free iPad

I debated whether or not I should post this.  Caleb voted no, but I reeealllly like to win things, and it’s actually helping YOU out too, so……

There is this website called Ebates. Basically, it is like a portal to all kinds of online shopping websites – Target, Barnes and Noble, Air France, the Apple Store, and tons more.  When you want to do any online shopping, instead of going straight to the store’s website, you go to Ebates first, and to the store website from there.  Any shopping you do through Ebates, you get cash back on!  It’s not a ton; I think anywhere from 1-6%, but every little bit helps, right?  And if you are going to be shopping online anyways, you might as well get a little money back while doing it.

Now, being in Beirut, I don’t really do a lot of shopping online – I would pay more than the item’s worth on shipping and customs…. BUT, Ebates is having this promo right now that if you refer 50 people (who sign up and start using the website), you win a free iPad!

So, here’s my shameless plug:  If you think you might benefit from getting cash back on your online purchases, and want to try to win an iPad yourself…. click here to get started!

For those of you concerned that this might be a scam… I was too.  But, I know of several people that have been using Ebates for a while and getting cash back regularly, AND I looked it up on the Better Business Bureau, and it was rated with an A+!

Happy shopping!  And I hope we all win!!!  :)


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