Good comeback?

Lately, I’ve been the recipient of this comment,

“You are getting so skinny!”

I can tell it’s not a compliment, because when I say thank you, they assume I must not have understood them, and then try to tell me in English that I am getting skinny.

So, I’ve tried to explain…. “No, I’m not really losing weight, you just remember me when I looked like this…”

That is never satisfactory, so I try, “well, I’m nursing the baby and that burns a lot of calories.”  To which I usually get a “tsk, tsk, you are so thin.”

So, I’m looking for a better answer… any suggestions?  Obviously the truth isn’t working, so I’m working on a nice, sarcastic answer….  :)

(For the record, I’m really not losing unusual amounts of weight… I got pregnant just a few months after we moved to Beirut, so really, that’s the Nicolette picture in most of their minds :))

And on another side note, why is it that in one of the countries with the most plastic surgeries in the world, being thin is a bad thing???


3 thoughts on “Good comeback?

  1. That happens to me here in Mexico! They comment on EVERYTHING. “You’re skinny” “You’ve gained weight” “Your arms are chubby” “You look sick” “You have HUGE bags under your eyes… why are you so tired?” and my favorite… “You look like you’re in a bad mood. Are you on your period?”

    And you’re right… no answer is ever satisfactory.

    From your profile pic, I say you look great :)

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