Top ten things I will do in America

So, besides the obvious seeing family and friends, here are the top ten really not important but kind of important things that I will do when we set foot on American soil for the first time in two years:

(In no particular order):

1. Flush my toilet paper.  (I might just throw a whole roll down there, just because!)

2. Roll around on a carpeted floor.

3. Get fat eating at all the restaurants I miss… Panera, Taco Bell, Goodberry’s, Freebirds, Jamba Juice, Casablanca, Paradise Bakery, Sweet Tomatoes, Fiesta Mexicana, to name a few.

4. Introduce Isla to grass.

5. Eat green mint chip chocolate ice cream.

6. Not plan my outings around Isla’s eating schedule, because if I want to, I can actually feed her in public.

7. Put Isla in the nursery so I can sit through a church service (first time in almost a year!)

8. Drink one or two or maybe ten chais at Starbucks.

9. Target.  Enough said.

10. Wear shorts in public.

There you have it.

Just kidding, I have one more.

11. Put all my jeans in the dryer to shrink them back to their original size!


10 thoughts on “Top ten things I will do in America

  1. My list is almost the same!!!

    Only difference is in mexico women show a bit too much when they feed their babies, we have tons of Starbucks, and we wear shorts all the time!

    My list would also have “wear boots and style my hair”

    • Hehe, it’s amazing the things we miss, isn’t it? We actually have tons of Starbucks here too, but no chai! Which is the one thing that I really like there! :)

  2. hahahaha I absolutely love you! You are so funny. Nathans work sells the best mint chocolate chip ice cream. I will get some for you. Its to die for basically.

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