Ramadan Kareem!

It’s the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.  Beirut is a different city this month, although I have heard that it isn’t as noticeable as it is in other countries in the region.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from food, drinks, smoking and more from sunrise to sunset.  There is a drummer that walks through the neighborhood before the sun comes up to wake everyone up so they can eat before the fast starts each day.  And every restaurant in the country has special Iftar (breaking of the fast) meals.

Last weekend, we went to an Iftar with some friends.  We got there a bit early, but had to wait until the sun set to start eating.

nice view, huh?

As soon as the sun dipped below the horizon, the call to prayer came on over the speaker system in the restaurant, and we could start eating.

believe it or not, these are just the starters!!!

great food, fun friends!

It was definitely a feast…all sorts of Lebanese mezze, with some special dishes and desserts that are Ramadan specials.  We sat and ate for maybe two hours…. the rest of the guests at the restaurant were still going strong!


4 thoughts on “Ramadan Kareem!

  1. I always found it interesting that in the fasting month, they ate more than in other months. Where I lived, they just tended to wake early for a large and noisy breakfast, and then sleep through as much of the day as they could before waiting until sunset to begin eating late, late into the night again.

    But oh, those special foods! Yum!

    • It’s similar here. There are special Ramadan series on TV all day, so people can just nap and watch television all day. It’s especially difficult this year because it falls in the summer – so the days are long and hot.
      Meat is nearly impossible to find in the stores right now, and all food prices have shot up. I remember reading an article last year about how much more food is consumed this month, but I can’t remember the numbers… but it’s significantly more!

  2. Hey! It has been NUTS here with Ramadan! We hear people get up around 3am in the morning as they begin to cook before sun up. Then, by 2pm in the afternoon, everyone is so cranky and they don’t want to do any work because it is too hot and they haven’t eaten for hours. I must say though the Iftar parties have been fun! Too much food but, so yummy! Are stores staying open later there too as people are doing last minute Eid shopping?
    Hope you guys are doing great and have a great time in the States!
    Hugs to you all!

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