I knew things seemed expensive!

Last year when we found this apartment, Caleb made a great deal with the landlord.  He knocked $150 off of our monthly rent if we would agree to do all of the maintenance required to get the place livable.  (When I saw “we” I really mean “Caleb.”  At 7 months pregnant I was good for wiping down the outlet covers and that’s about it! :))

Caleb redid all the plumbing in the bathroom and the kitchen, had the electricity re-wired in the salon, had the whole place painted, and various other little jobs.  While we spent a good amount of money on all of that, we’ve made up for it in what we have saved on our rent this year.

When Caleb went to pay rent for this next year (no monthly rent here… it’s yearly!), the landlord’s wife was mentioning how they really wanted to sit down with us and see if we could work with them, since the housing market is so expensive right now (This all said on the open-air balcony with an AC unit running and a plasma TV :))…  basically they wanted to raise our rent.

Thankfully, we had signed a three year contract, so technically there is nothing they can do about it for the next two years, which Caleb not so subtly reminded them of.  I’m not so sure they will be as easily dissuaded next time around.

We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, but we are always on the lookout for reasonably priced apartments to rent… because they are hard to come by!  In fact, I was just reading today that Beirut is the 10th most expensive place IN THE WORLD, for expats to find housing!!

Apparently it’s cheaper to rent a place in Amsterdam or even Paris than it is in Beirut…  seems strange, but I believe it!


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