And we’re off!

We’re headed to the airport in a bit to begin our whirlwind trip to the States.  We have about 24 hours from when we leave our apartment until we arrive in North Carolina… assuming we have no delays or anything on the way.

We’d appreciate your prayers as we travel…

… for safe, uneventful flights (no turbulence!  Isla is flying as a lap baby!)

… for extra seats that we can use for Isla to stretch out and sleep.

… for our normally active, crazy baby to be very content to sit on our laps and read her books and take nice naps.

… for no trouble making our connections in Paris and Newark.

… for Isla especially as she adjusts to the time change.  (actually the continual time changes: after a few days of being 7 hours behind, we’ll jump back one more, and then after a few days, jump back another 2 hours…)

… for sweet times with our family, friends and supporting churches!

Thanks much… hope to see you soon!!!


3 thoughts on “And we’re off!

  1. Okay — so how long and when, exactly is your connection in Newark? Because if your answers are “We’ve got to wait like an hour,” and “(insert time I’m not working)” — I would love to meet up with you guys there and meet Isla!

    • Aw man, sorry, didn’t see this until just now! We were only in Newark long enough to go through customs and head to our next plane… would have loved to see you!

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