Stop #1: North Carolina

After 24 long, long hours of travel (which could have been worse, but could have been lots better!), we finally arrived in Raleigh on Friday afternoon.  Isla only slept about 5 hours on the trip, so she was exhausted when we arrived, crashed, and slept until 6 am!  So, the time zone adjustment has actually been much smoother than I expected.  Thanks for your prayers!

We’ve had a wonderful time in North Carolina!

We’ve eaten lots of good food…

… played in the grass…

…played with the doggy… (first time Isla ever “met” a dog!)…

…worshiped with our Northwest family…

…caught up with dear friends…

… and had lots of sweet family time…

It’s gone by way too quick!  Wish we could spend a month here… but we’re off to Dallas tomorrow!  Please pray with us for safe, uneventful flights (that Isla would do much better on this leg of the journey!), and for all of our meetings and talks… that we would give a clear picture of what’s going on in Beirut, so that many more would get excited about being a part of God’s work there!


5 thoughts on “Stop #1: North Carolina

  1. Praying for you, Caleb and Isla! Thanks for sharing the picture of the what I assume is Taco Bell! My mouth is watering at the moment. How’s the Starbucks chai?! :-)

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