Next stop: Dallas

And I thought our time in NC was busy…!  We arrived in Dallas Wednesday evening and hit the ground running.  We rented a car and drove straight to Scofield Memorial Church where we were able to share a bit of our ministry at their prayer meeting.  It was such a fun and encouraging time!  This group of people is amazing.  Every Wednesday night, they get together and pray for each and every one of their 50+ missionaries.  The youth group attended as well, so it was great for Caleb to reconnect with some of the kids he worked with.

Thursday we spent the day down at our old stompin’ grounds.  We were able to chat with some of our professors, I got my hair cut at my all-time favorite salon :), and we had a great Mexican meal with some dear friends and supporters.

Another super Mexican meal on Friday with the emcee for the upcoming banquet… and then the reason we are here: Stonebriar’s big missions event was Friday night.  The focus was the ministry that the church is doing with children around the world, so we were able to share a little about our ministry with the girls.  It was slightly intimidating having Chuck Swindoll and several old seminary professors in the audience, but it was such an amazing time.  It was so neat to see so many people excited about what God is doing around the world… to hear the children’s choir singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children,” and realize that so many are thinking about and praying for our girls – it was an overwhelming moment for me.  It really was an incredible night.  Not only was Stonebriar able to raise a lot of money for their work around the world (including in Beirut), but many came up to me and told me that they were praying for the Safe Haven girls – which to me made the whole trip (including way too many hours on a plane with an awake baby) totally worth it!

Saturday was another busy day of catching up with people.  Breakfast with seminary friends, lunch with some of Caleb’s family, and dinner with some of Stonebriar’s missions staff (and, yes, we did eat Mexican food again!)

Today we were able to share with Titus II, a Sunday school class at Stonebriar that has been an incredible blessing to us.  Isla had a ball in the nursery, and it was soooo wonderful to hear Chuck preach (in English!!!!!  :)).  We had dinner with the missions committee, another super encouraging night.

Tomorrow more appointments and then we are going to take the afternoon to let the kids play and chill a bit.  Isla has been having lots of fun with our missions pastor’s little guy, Hudson (and his toys!).  She’s been a great trooper, but as evidenced by her clingy-ness today, is in need of a little break, I think.

Thanks sooo much for all your prayers!  Isla did pretty well on the flights from NC to TX… we were actually able to bring her carseat on one of the legs, which was great!  Keep those prayers coming… we head to Arizona Tuesday morning, and it would be great to have another empty seat next to us on the flights.

We’re missing our friends and the girls, but it has been soooo nice to be in the States, even for such a short time.  We are sooooo grateful for this great opportunity – it has been such a blessing to us!


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