Last stop: Arizona

Our few days in Arizona were all about Isla getting in touch with her Hutcherson roots…

We had lots of good family time, more than one trip to Target, a fun time catching up with friends and supporters at our open house, and a chance to share a bit of our life with our church on Sunday morning.

Over the course of two weeks in three different states, we somehow managed to acquire 50 more pounds of stuff to bring back  – including some princess costumes for the girls.  When Caleb opened his suitcase here in Beirut, he discovered that those princess costumes are great at shedding glitter… so it’ll be a sparkly few days for us as we get settled back into every day life!  :)

Thanks for your prayers for our travels… first two flights were oh so very fun with a screaming, not sleeping baby, but we were soooo thankful to have an extra seat in between us on 4.5 hour flight from Paris to Beirut.  I went all Lebanese and about had a smack-down with the goofy gate agent who was convinced that our carseat was way to big for the plane (because apparently, she told me, planes in America are much bigger)… but we were finally able to convince her to let us “just try it out.”  Ahhh, bliss.  Isla slept for most of the flight, giving Caleb and me a much needed chance to close our eyes for a bit.

She’s now sleeping – hopefully for the next 8+ hours – and Caleb is snoring quite loudly, so I guess he’s out too.  So, I’m calling it a night.


5 thoughts on “Last stop: Arizona

  1. The pic of Isla touching the deer head is priceless! You can see the hesitancy! Too cute! I’m so glad you guys had a great time in the US and that there was an extra seat on the flight from Paris to Beirut. Hopefully, you all will sleep for a couple of days!!! Hugs all around!

  2. Ah yes, because they make planes different sizes in different countries…. hmm…

    Yeah, I learned that as a mother flying with small kids, you have to be ready to fight some stupid airline employees! Good for you!

    I had one steward who made me wake up a sleeping baby in a carseat and replace him with a wide awake baby from my lap for the takeoff. Why? Because the sleeping one was under two and was supposed to be on my lap. Never mind that he was barely under two and that he was heavier than the slightly over two one who was on my lap. Result – two screaming kids. One who was wide awake and wanted mommy, and one who had been asleep who was not happy to wake up.

    I briefly thought of starting wailing, too, just to add in more noise and get revenge on the steward, but had mercy on those around me. (This was before 9/11 when wailing might just get me arrested!)

    Glad you are home, and now comes the delight of adjusting a baby to a time change! Take it easy, ok?

    • That is unbelievable! I think I would have waited til the seatbelt sign was turned off and then followed that flight attendant around with my screaming kids… “see what you did?!?” It really does amaze me that the airlines don’t do everything they can to make it as smooth a ride as possible for babies… who have the potential to make the flight a miserable one for everyone on board!

      In our “discussion” with the gate agent about the size of airplanes, I actually pointed out the window at our plane sitting there at the gate and said, “I am looking at the airplane right now. It is big. Much bigger than the plane we just flew on.” She just tsked, tsked me. Ugh, the power playing going on was just incredible!

      I have to say, our travel to the States as well as within, pretty much all the airline employees were soooo wonderful and accommodating. It was just the trip back that we ran into such big trouble with them.

      • Oh, that flight with that particular attendent, got worse. We had been delayed due to fog for about ten hours, then waited through horrible lines to try to get on a flight that was full, only to just make it. My son, who was almost 3 was hungry – really hungry. We were sitting at the back, and they began food service at the front.

        As soon as he smelled the food, he began crying, “Mommy, I’m hungry! I’m hungry!” So I asked the steward if he could have his food early. I got a gruff “We begin at the front, and you will have to wait!” So I calmly asked if he could just have a cracker package while we wait. “No. I am busy serving dinner now. I don’t have time to be finding crackers for your child!”

        The loud cries of “I’m hungry!” reached the ears of those being served at the front along with the answer to my reasonable request for crackers. Over the heads of all the people came two packages of crackers being passed back by passengers – some perhaps sympathetic to a hungry toddler and some just happy to get the noise to stop!

        I complained to that airline, and they sent me a $200 voucher for another flight with them. I send it back and said they could not pay me to fly on an airline which enjoys being cruel to children! (There were more incidences on that flight with that steward – he was just mean!)

        That saying, I have had wonderful, excellent, caring flight attendants who have gone above and beyond their call, and I really appreciate them.

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