How to cross the ocean and not deal with jet lag

1.  Have a baby.

2.  When your baby is at his or her most active age, plan a trip across the ocean.  The longer the flights and the more layovers you can squeeze in, the better.

3.  Try to plan on arriving at your destination in the late afternoon/early evening.

4.  Make sure that your baby stays awake the entire time you travel.  The less sleep the better.

5.  When you finally reach your destination, play outside for a bit, eat some dinner and go to bed.  You will be so incredibly tired you will sleep soundly until morning.

There you have it… the secret to no jet lag!  Granted, those many hours on the plane with your overly exhausted, very active baby will be ones you hope to forget and will swear you will never do again, but at least you won’t be dealing with jet lag!

Now, Isla did wake up at about 1 am last night the past two nights the past three nights and screamed for a solid two three four hours.  But I totally blame that on a little cold and a bad diaper rash.  Nothing to do with the ten hour time change, I’m sure of it!  ;)

(Blogs are allowed to be sarcastic, right?!?)


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