Yes, we’re still here

Sorry… I’ve been bad at updating the blog since we got back.

We hit the ground running, that’s for sure.  I always find it odd that when I travel, the rest of the world just doesn’t go on pause waiting for me to return…

The girls started school, so I’m with them tutoring every afternoon.  Caleb found a great Arabic class that started this week, unfortunately it is the exact time of day I’m with the girls.  So, Isla has been coming with me.  It’s not ideal, and I’m working on some options for her while I’m there (appreciate your prayers for that!)

I’ve just started prepping for co-leading the preschool/KG Sunday School class that starts this week… ahhh, short notice, anyone?!?  I’m also looking into different ways of staying involved with the women’s center.  Now that Isla is bigger, she won’t be content to just sit on my lap while I take a class, so I’ve got an idea I’m working on… more on that later.

Like I mentioned, Caleb is back in Arabic class three afternoons a week and loving it!  Shabibi has gotten off to a great start – they are studying the spiritual disciplines this semester, and Caleb is hard at work preparing the talks.  He had a friendly football match this week… Isla and I went to watch, and I tell you what, that girl is obsessed with balls!  She literally grasped the fence surrounding the field, pressed her little nose up against it, and didn’t move a muscle til halftime!

Throw in a house to get back in order after being gone for two weeks (can you say dust everywhere?!?), a first birthday to plan, and… oh yeah, Isla.  That child could keep ten of me busy all on her own!

So, there’s life for ya in a nutshell.  As soon as things smooth out and we get back into a good routine, I’ll be much better about keeping this ‘ole thing updated.  (You’ve heard that once or twice before, huh?)  :)


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