First rain

For the past few days, there are have been big clouds in the sky – the kind that make you question leaving the laundry out on the balcony.  Today, the heavens finally opened and we got some much needed, much missed rain.

(Okay, so technically, I believe it did rain once in September, but we were out of the country, and it was just a little spitting….)

Beirut is definitely a dry season/wet season kind of place.  When the rains stop in mid-spring, they really stop, and don’t come back until…. well, now!  It’s a nice change.  Windows and doors are open and the air feels fresh and clean.  We have a second summer coming up at the end of the month, where the temps will likely shoot back up into the 90’s with the perpetual sun of a Beirut summer.  But then after a week or so of second summer, the rain will be back.  And after days and days of it we will be begging the sunshine to return.

But for now, it’s raining – yay!

Isla is itching to play in those puddles.  “Isla, stay inside.”

Besides, we have just as many puddles inside!

One of the downsides of the rain…

Time to break out the fall clothes!!

Ehhhh, maybe I did go a little overboard.  It is still 85 degrees outside…

Off we go to greet the Fall!


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