Today I…

…tried to teach Isla that pumpkins are not scary…

…wrote two notes to two different teachers…

…had a 75 point word in Scrabble…

…cut out ten “breastplates of righteousness”…

…and was serenaded at dinner by our neighbors and their new karaoke machine.

How ’bout you?


3 thoughts on “Today I…

  1. Today I …

    …left the fan on in the van and drained the battery.

    …learned that low quality jumper cables don’t work.

    …taught long division to my tutoring student.

    …made and served 56 hamburgers for a school lunch day.

    …searched for and found my son in the pouring rain at a cross-country event.

    …bought new jumper cables. (They work.)

    …am ripping out the shoddily done garage shelves and installing new ones, peg board, and organizing my husband’s tools for a surprise for him when he gets home from a trip. (shh.. don’t tell.)

    • How’d the shelves turn out? Are these the infamous “didn’t follow my plan and now the bikes don’t fit” shelves??? :)

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