Paved paradise…

… and put up a parking lot (doo whop whop whop)!

Okay, so the empty lot outside our kitchen window never remotely resembled any kind of paradise.  When we first moved in it was just a huge dumping ground for trash, but they’ve been clearing it out for the past few months.  I was relieved to see that instead of (another) new building, they turned it into a parking lot.  A park would have been nice, but who am I kidding – we already have one park in Beirut…!!!

Construction right now in Beirut is just ridiculous.  Think Cary, NC in the 90’s… times 100.  There are high rise apartments going up everywhere.  The skyline of downtown (and all of Beirut, really) is just riddled with construction cranes.

It’s actually kind of sad.  They are tearing down old beautiful houses (okay, I imagine they were once beautiful – now they are just bombed out shells of their former glory) with all sorts of architectural character and putting in super-sleek, modern 30+ story apartment buildings that no Lebanese can actually afford to live in.  There’s no urban planning whatsoever, so no one has though about any green space, or any space at all.  So it’s just high rise next to high rise next to high rise….

a building on our street… I think it has so much potential!

one of the few old villas that has actually been maintained

We however, got lucky.  We get a parking lot!


One thought on “Paved paradise…

  1. That old building has some beautiful bones to it! I hope someone renovates it :)

    Cancun has a severe lack of urban planning as well… lots of stuff being built that nobody can afford to live in. Oh well.

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