FAQ: When will you be back in the States again?

Part of the work we do with our organization is called home assignment.  It’s basically the time we spend back “home” reconnecting with our family, friends, churches and supporters.  We do some debriefing with our organization and also attend a renewal conference and work on raising any additional support that we may need.  It’s also a time to serve our supporting churches in any way we can and to take some much needed rest.

In the past, this “furlough” was often a year in the States every four years or so.  Our organization gives us lots of freedom in the timing and duration of our home assignment.  To us, it seems really disruptive to leave the field for such a long time – leaving behind ministry obligations and taking ourselves out of an Arabic speaking context are two of the big reasons we don’t feel like it’s the best plan for us.

Instead we will be coming back for the summer every 2-3 years.  Which means this next summer is time for our first home assignment!  We obviously still have a lot of the details to work out, but the tentative plan is to be in the States from June – August.  We have two weeks in Colorado in mid-July, and then will be splitting our time between North Carolina, Dallas and Arizona.  We’ll definitely keep you updated as we know more about our schedule (probably by early spring – so don’t be holding your breath! :))


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