Around Beirut: Sanayeh Park

Just a few minutes walk from our apartment is one of Beirut’s only public parks.  Caleb found an old guidebook to the region from the 1930’s before Lebanon even existed, and Sanayeh Park was on the map of Beirut!  The park is surrounded by a big stone wall, so you don’t realize how green it actually is until you get inside.  There isn’t grass to play on, but there are big, super old trees, and a couple playgrounds.


We don’t go nearly as often as we should, mostly because of the weather.  But right now Beirut is just perfect.  Today was 78 degrees… sunny with a bit of a breeze.  Lovely weather.  So Isla and I spent the morning hanging at Sanayeh with the pigeons, a preschool class on a field trip, and the old men playing backgammon.

IMG_4185.JPG (1)


2 thoughts on “Around Beirut: Sanayeh Park

  1. Thanks for all the interesting tidbits and pictures of life there. I feel inspired to help people capture our life in Japan a little more on our blog too. So glad you can get cheap fruit though…it is SO expensive here in Japan (true we got spoiled living in CA)…$1.20 an apple here in Tokyo. cough cough Happy freezing and canning!

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