Around Beirut: Saifi Village

picture is currently unavailable

Like New York City has it’s burroughs (Queens, Manhattan, the Bronx, etc), Beirut has a plethora of neighborhoods, and many of them have very distinct characteristics.  By knowing where someone lives, you can often take a pretty good guess at both their social class and religion, and hearing where people hang out also can tell you a lot about them.

The other day we were wandering around town a bit and stumbled upon this little square.  Caleb walks by every day on his way to class, but I hadn’t had the chance to explore it much.  It’s the kind of place that I would totally live if I was a millionaire (actually, I’d probably have to be a multi-multi-millionaire, but who’s counting…?)  It’s like a little taste of Europe in the middle of Beirut.  Clean, cobblestone streets, little cafes surrounding a courtyard with a fountain and planters full of colorful flowers.

Each week there is an organic, open air market right around the corner… full of overpriced breads and pastries that only foreigners and people who live in this neighborhood actually buy.

Saifi Village: A fun little square to dream about.  :)


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