Isla in November

For Isla’s first year, I’ve kept a running list of all her big milestones.  Rolling over, first tooth, first steps, first word, and so on.  She’s hit all those big firsts, but she’s still learning so many new things, it seems like every day she’s doing something.  I thought it would be fun to record what she’s up to each month…. this is more for me and the grandparents than anyone, I’ll readily admit I don’t expect many others to care all that much.  :)

So, what’s our 13 month old up to this month?  So glad you asked!

Isla still doesn’t talk much.  We’ve heard her say more, bye-bye, daddy, bites, ball, baddi wadi (I want water).  Her two most common words, however are “bdis” and “bdas.”  No clue what they mean, but they are generally accompanied by a pointing finger and nodding head.

Even though she doesn’t use her words, she has no problem communicating what she wants.  She shakes her head no and nods yes.  If she wants attention and isn’t getting it, she’ll grab my face and turn it toward her, or try to close the computer I’m working on.  About mid-morning when I call her name, she’ll run away and hide, not wanting to take her nap.  And when we’re getting her ready for her bath, she’ll desperately try to put her clothes back on – she loves the bath but knows that bedtime comes next.

She’s great at following directions and helping with things like cleaning up and doing laundry.  She also loves to help make dinner by reorganizing the canned goods on our pantry shelf.

She loves purses.  She’ll turn anything with a hole into it into a purse.  She’s quite content with a can of tuna in a plastic bag on her arm.

Her favorite toys right now are her baby and bear.  She also loves loves books.

When she does something wrong, or touches something she knows she shouldn’t, she makes sure to come find us and shake her head no to let us know she’s disobeyed.  It’s hard not to laugh at her.

She can point to her head, ear, belly, toes and sticks her tongue out on command.

She loves to be outside and will bring us her shoes several times a day wanting to go play on the balcony.

Her newest funny thing is gasping with excitement… I can’t describe it well, but it’s so cute.  Show her a toy… *gasp* complete with wide open mouth and hands in the air.  It’s too cute.

Is this long enough for you?  It’s long since it’s the first one (you believe that, right?)… the next months will just be new stuff she’s doing (I promise, really….)

So that’s our girl at 13 months!!!


7 thoughts on “Isla in November

  1. Nicolette she is the most stunning, adorable, sweet child EVER. I loved reading this. Thanks for posting it. I’m so glad she loves her baby. They had a rocky relationship in the beginning. haha Love and miss you all.

  2. I love hearing about Isla and I don’t even “know” you. But I was here on the other side of the world (and computer) when she was born and I even helped pick out her bedding pattern. Can’t seem to remember if the pattern I picked was the one you went with or not :/ That really seems so long ago. I enjoy hearing about your ministry in Beirut and love your pics and videos. I always give a little boo hiss when it’s a password protected blog, and I even stick my lower lip out….way out…further than that….yeah, that much!

    • Hi, Carolyn, so glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for taking an interest in our family, ministry, lives. And as far as the password protected blogs… check your email for a fun surprise, hehe! :)

  3. Love this! Can’t wait until we can see all of this happening in person. In the meantime, give us a few videos to keep us involved. Love, love, love to you all!

  4. She is so special and blessed to have you and Caleb as parents. Thank you for posting and no its not long at all..really. Love you all D

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