Happy Thanksgiving!

I realize I am a few days late, but we just celebrated Thanksgiving today.  Thursday was a normal work day here in Lebanon (imagine that!), and it’s actually one of our busier days.  So there was no way we could do much by way of Thanksgiving… haha, we actually had sandwiches off the street for dinner.

But we more than made up for it today!

It was my first time ever hosting a Thanksgiving meal.  We were talking at lunch about how it’s such a rite of passage for an American girl to do.

All in all, I think it was a success…

I mean, the food was good…

The company was even better…

… what more could you ask for on Thanksgiving???  (I guess some good college football, but I won’t push my luck…)

We’re thankful to live in a country where we can find almost anything… that’s not to say we don’t pay a price for it, but it’s nice to know that for special occasions we can get the Butterball turkey and the cranberry sauce (granted, we’ve been stocking up on that since last spring!)  So, maybe the sweet potatoes aren’t orange like at home, but they are still very tasty!

Caleb and I were actually laughing about how this is probably the most traditional Thanksgiving meal we have ever eaten.

It’s not technically Isla’s first Tday, but it’s the first time she was actually able to enjoy it… and enjoy it she did!!!

We are so thankful for family and friends – both near and far – and for the means to have such a feast and a home to eat it in.  Most importantly we are thankful for our Savior Jesus Christ… “in Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28) without Him we are nothing.

Hope your thanksgiving was full of good food and fun family and friends and that you too find time to thank God, the giver of all good things.

Happy Thanksgiving!


4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. So glad you guys got to have a traditional Thanksgiving meal. No turkey here (we had roasted chicken) or cranberries but, everything else is available. It was so nice to spend it with friends and pig-out on some amazing food! :-)

    • Glad you guys got to celebrate the holiday, Andrea! It’s funny… I never liked cranberry sauce or stuffing or even pumpkin pie. But there’s something about being away from “home” for the holidays that makes those things taste soooo good!

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