From the mouths of kids: the foreigners

Had this conversation with one of the girls recently…

6 year old:  We have a new house and our neighbors are foreigners.

Me:  Really?  Wow!

6yo:  Yeah, they are foreigners and this is how they talk, “blarb glurb bralb blurg.”

Me:  Oh, you know they are probably speaking another language that you just don’t understand.  Like before you knew English and you heard me and Amu Caleb talking, maybe it sounded like that.

6yo:  No, they are really just saying, “blarb glurb bralb blurg.”

Me:  Hmmm.  Maybe they are speaking… German?

6yo:  No.  And you know what else?

Me:  What?

6yo:  (whispering) They eat their poop.

Me:  Now, I know that is not true.  And you shouldn’t say things like that about them.  No people anywhere eat their poop.

6yo:  (big sigh) Miss Nicolette, they are not people.  Didn’t you hear me?  They’re foreigners!


4 thoughts on “From the mouths of kids: the foreigners

  1. I loved these! Teaching at a school in a foreign country I too come across way too many utterances that make me laugh. And the kids sit and stare at me blankly, wondering why I am almost rolling on the floor in fits…

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