“Imported for You”

One of the supermarkets I shop at has recently started putting up these little signs next to some of their imported items.

I learned very quickly to steer clear of any item with a special imported sign.  Basically because it is very likely to be something that I didn’t know I was missing but now absolutely have to have but not in any version of my life would I pay the price they are asking for this as-of-now-must-have item.  (Run-on sentence much?)

I know what you are thinking, ah, Nicolette, how expensive can a box of Special K really be?

Good question.

That would be $17.33

Seventeen dollars and thirty-three cents. Seriously?!?

I guess they think foreigners reeeeally like their cereal.


4 thoughts on ““Imported for You”

    • Mmmm, imported oatmeal… only $12!! :) We actually have some good local oatmeal, but I’ll admit it… I LOVE cold cereal. I could literally eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner and be completely content. I think it comes from living overseas when I was young and only being able to get Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, and Sugar Smacks. All four of the kids in my family are now cereal addicts. :)

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