Isla in December

bites, Bites, BITES!  This is Isla’s favorite and by far her most used word.  She hasn’t added any other new words this month, but is chattering in “Isla language” a lot more.

She loves singing songs that have motions…  “10 little Islas jumping on the bed”… “If you’re happy and you know it”…  but her favorite song right now is one that she learned in play group.  It’s called Jack in the Box, and the first motion is making your hands into a roof over your head.  She does this by putting two fingers together in a triangle, and she is basically wanting to sing that song 24/7.  Even as she was falling asleep last night she had her little hands in the Jack in the box sign.  Melt. my. heart.

She loves to hold hands and say grace before we eat, but her favorite part is the “amen” which is accompanied by a scream and “touchdown” hands.

I can bribe her into doing almost anything by telling her we’ll put socks on.

She’s added more body parts to her repertoire – head, hair, eyes, nose, mouth, ear, tongue, belly, hands, fingers, feet and toes, and she can point most of those out on other people too.  She is always constantly amazing us with the things she can point out in her books… cat, mouse, dog, horse, baby, etc.  She’s a smart lil cookie.

She loves pillows.  No pillow is safe with Isla in the room.  That pillow under your head?  She wants it.  The pillow that she can’t reach on the couch?  She’ll grab your hand/face/leg/whatever body part she can reach and pull it over to the pillow so you can get it for her.  She loves to play with pillows.

She’s never been super outgoing with strangers, but she seems to be really warming up – especially to other kids.  This is a bit of a relief, because everywhere we go people talk to her and want to get pictures of/with her, and it doesn’t seem to bother her much anymore.

I promised this month’s Isla update would be shorter… I think I only barely kept my word.  :)


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