Happy New Year!!!

2011, whoo hoo!

Are you calling it two-thousand-eleven or twenty-eleven?

Sorry for the lack of posts recently… we have been in Kusadasi (near Ephesus), Turkey for a conference for the past week and now are in Istanbul for a few days of vacation.

Just wanted to pop in to say Happy New Year!

ringing in 2011

Isla celebrating the new year!

We head back to Beirut in the morning… more later!


One thought on “Happy New Year!!!

  1. Looks like you had a good new year!

    The baby I live with looked about the same (thankfully! sleep is his friend! and mine!) on new years!

    I`m not sure what I`m going to call the new year yet…haven`t quite decided..I seem to alternate between twenty-eleven and two-thousand-and-eleven

    Glad I found your blog! Love reading about people living abroad!!! Am slightly jealous – saw you went to turkey and have been wanting and trying to get to their for a while…hopefully in the next couple years! :)

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